Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chris Bloczynski dot Com

This is my first blog that i give a review "Chris Bloczynski dot Com". I've read this blog for a few months, since may 2007 i guessed. This is a blog about lifestyle and entrepreneurship. Chris had been blogging about how to increase a blog reader and also gave tips to his reader on how to create a good blog.

Now I've attracted with his new program "meet a blogger" in this slot he interview a blogger and publish the interview in his post. Hope next time he will interview me for his next "meet a blogger". This is a good marketing strategy to attract other blogger to read his blog and a nice way to keep in touch with other blogger.

Chris Bloczynski dot Com targeted towards business owners and bloggers, with an emphasis on principles such as attitude, mentorship, removing distractions, and tactics for marketing and growth.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Busy Time

I've received a few email from my reader recently, asking what happened to my blog.. Sorry for that, I'm so busy with a lot of thing that need to be done. hope by next week i can give some commitment to my blog. thanks to everyone who still come to my blog after more than a month without any post.

Today I've visited a few blog from Malaysia, some of them attracted me their happy n fun life story and some telling bout their problem, sometime I didn't know that someone faced that kind of problem... most of them are female and they blogging just to fill their free time and as a platform to release and share their day with others.

My next post will review some of Malaysian blogger for you.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Online Job" it was my first blog and still going on with a lot of thing to learn and share. Recently my readers was asking me why did I blogging more about monetize a blog or build a better blog rather than blogging about online job.
Actually the scope of online job are very wide and i had categorized it into 3; traditional job, partial online job and pure online job. As we all know the traditional job is a job that most people normally work for, it has nothing to do online. This kind of job is totally out of my scope of blogging.

The second category is partial online job, this job combined both online and offline, some do their work offline but get a job and payment via online and some working online but all the transaction was done offline. For example a freelancer who bid for their project/job and get paid online from the project owner that maybe a thousand mile from him but the project was done offline for example a graphic design, telemarketing, proofreading just to name some. Or for some who have a store and selling a goods, they also considered as partial online job because they are selling non-virtual product but all the transaction was done online.

Pure Online Job – a combination of both work and transaction via online. They do their work online and the transaction also online and if there is any delivery needed it also done online. For Example; Monetize blog, develop it online, publish online advertisement in their blog/site to make money from it (Amazon, Auctionads, GoogleAdsense, Chitika and Bidvertiser) and get paid also online via paypal or gift certificate or debit to bank account. The same thing with a blogger who make money with ReviewMe or PayperPost, everything is online. Affiliate program such as SFI also can be place in this category. If you ask me about online survey such as Survey Club, AOPP…… then the answer is yes, most of them also in the same category.

So blogging is not only for fun or part time but its also could be a fulltime job for example John Chow and Darren is a professional blogger who make a lot of money from this Pure Online Job.

Welcome World!!

Welcome to my new blog. I'm Jeff Syiru, well known as Syiru. Born in 1981 in Kelantan, Malaysia. Graduate with Bachelor Degree Of IT E-Commerce(with Honor) from University Of Sabah. Previous experience as IT Trainer and System Analyst, both for a year each and currently working for a public listed company as an IT Executive.

This is my second project after my This blog will cover my review about anything, website, blog, product, books or anything thats are related to blogging and Internet.

If you have any interesting topic for me to review please let me know and if you have any suggestion to improve my blog that is much more appreciated.