Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm on vacation start from 27 Sept until 10 Oct.

See you!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What is your biggest challenges while blogging?

A lot of new blogger though to design and setup a blog are the hardest part in blogging, but after a few months or maybe a few weeks of blogging they will realize the biggest challenges in blogging. Yes, "to write a new idea". I'm sure every blogger have the same problem while blogging.

How do you handle this? if you have a good tips lets share with me.

The most easy way to get a new idea is review other's blog or a new product with your own perspective and words. This is also a good idea to get a new traffics. How? Ok, first of all you need to pick a blog with a good traffics and then read the content at least 3 entry post, from there you could have some points of view and perspective about that blog. Next, write some review about it and post it. After that you must let the blog's author/owner know about your review and ask them to link it into their blog, they will surely link it if you have a good review about them.

What if you really has no new idea to blog about?

I will do some reading and surfing if my brain begin to dry up, this really help me to face and solve the problem. Take note of their idea and combine it with yours to make it a bigger and better idea from two diffrent brain, that is considered as innovation of an idea, but do not copycat of an idea because that is unethical blogging behavior.

If you have any tips to share please let me know.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Basic Blogging

I had read a post from one of my favourite blog and the title is "Basic Blogging"

Yea i like it and I would like to share my summary from what i had read, in a simple way.

What to blog? Ask yourself what is the thing that you are really passionate to talk about, some maybe about money, computer, life or sports ect. If you have any, then blog about it and share your knowledge or experiance about it with the whole world. It would be great if your interest is unique.

You should blog when you have something to share with and when you have original content(if you have one) to blog about. But sometime you just want to contribute a post to your reader even when you have nothing in your mind, then all the rubish will served to your readers. Read other's blog to get some idea or information and combine it with your own opinion and experiance or knowledge, it must be great because the idea are grown.

Normally, a blogger wants some attention, respect, recognition and also response from their readers, thats could give a blogger some motivation to write a better blog.

A blog must be update frequently, one of my Guru told me that non-updated blog is a dead blog.

Response to your audience when they points any error found in your post/blog (fix it immediately), and appreciate their comments because they are really read your post and want you to be better.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lucky - Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat

I like this song very much... I love it.

This song is specially dedicated to my sweet honey wife..

I love u Babe!

Friday, September 19, 2008

How to Increase Your Traffic??

From my experience and reading, the best way to get a good traffic by participating in any campaign organized by other bloggers, by giving a comment to the campaign or review their campaign will help you to increase your traffic, and normally people who visit your blog from your comment or review on others blog was already attracted to your writing, that give you an advantage to get them stay tune with your blog and be your regular customer.

You also could try any link or banner exchange program, for example BlogMad, they give u a good chance to exchange your banner or link between their members, can you imagine that? Your banner(your own design) will display on others blog.

Another method that I have been used to increase my traffic by posting a feedback in any forum, but that's not all, you must put your URL or any thing that will link to your blog at your signature, each time you posting a feedback to any topic people will look at your signature and there are chances to get them in. To ensure that your comment are read by others, you must choose a good and popular topic to participate, how to measure the popularity of the topic? Choose the topic that have a good respond and have a good number of reply on it.

Do not just simply spamming your post into the forum but give a good comment, a good comment not only giving them compliment and giving a good tips because a bad comment (don't attack with abusive language) or a comment that maybe could attract other forum member will also give you a credit to your rank and blog.

Being friendly with other blogger also a nice way to get a traffic, give them a comment in their blog or any good advise will attract their reader to visit your blog too.

How and where to start? Click my comment link and u can start your good comment here.... what are your waiting for??? show me your good comment now... give me a comment...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

BlogMad is a community site for bloggers, by bloggers, with the sole purpose of assisting bloggers to get get people to visit their blogs. Blogmad is a blogger's fun site and a place for you to exchange your traffic.

By surfing other member's blog you will rewarded with credits which you can use it to purchase traffic back to your own blog or use it to play any game on the site. There is several methods to boost traffic to your blogs, banner exchange and text-link to your blog from others blog.

The site is jam packed full of games and other fun things all which allow bloggers to use their credits to wager against other bloggers to win more credits.

While BlogMad does have a search facility that allows one to search through member's blogs, its not just a blog search engine.

Its absolutely FREE to join BlogMad.

And this is absolutely great for you to build your traffics.

(This is a Sponsored Review)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Idea For Your Post

Idea is something that is really important for you to present to your blog to your readers, normally i found an idea from reading books or other's blog. Idea is very subjective because maybe today i have an idea to write about something for a few hundred or thousand words but maybe tomorrow my head have a zero idea, who knows.

The combination of the idea was great, if you found a good idea from others then you should take it and combine with your idea or a few other idea from anywhere, then the idea will be bigger. Some people will say that its not original and its a copycat, but can you imagine how wonderful the comeout after the combination from a multiple brain? That's what we called an innovative idea. The original idea normally needs a supplement idea to make it strong.

Another thing that you should do if you have nothing to post is by checking your comments because your reader may be have something for you to write about. Some of the commenter will ask a question about the topic, instead of just replying to the commenter why not you give the answer as your blog post and some explainantion about related topic would be nice.

To alter others idea is something that we shouldn't ashamed if you could make it better than the original idea, but if it just an original copycat than you should stop blogging because you have nothing to blog.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

11 Days To Go!!

My flight to Kota Bharu is on 27 Sept, I'm really excited to go back my hometown for Hari Raya, its been 2years I did not come back.

First thing that I want to do is hugging my Mum and kiss her hand which I cannot do it in video chat, missed her so very much. She actually just went back from Mecca for Umrah on 13Sept.

A lot of family and friends to meet and lot of place to go and also lot of things to do.

Will be back to Miri on 10 Oct 2008.

Blog Renovation!!

As you all can see I had done some renovation to my blog. I had changed my old banner to the nice and better one, designed by me. I also had replace the RSS icon to the smaller icon, also designed by me. This renovation gave a simple & nice interface to my blog and I like it very much, if you have any idea to make my blog looks better please do not hesitate to give a suggestion and opinion about it. Your suggestion & opinion are highly appreciated.

Bye bye old banner old RSS icon.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Facebook - Battle Of Survival - Multiplayer Game

Are you a Facebook member and do you like multiplayer game? Well, this is my suggestion for you:- Battle Of Survival - Multiplayer Game. I have been enjoyed this game since a month ago. There is a Human Team and Cyborg Team, you can choose which team to join.

There is a few type of match you can choose such as Team Match, Capture the Flag, Battleground or deathmatch. I would prefer the Capture the Flag, you will fight in your team to capture opponent's flag and bring it to your base, each succeed flag reach your base will be award 3 killer point to that person. There is a a lot of weapon that you could use in the fight but every weapon required certain level of killer point.

FYI I'm in Cyborg Team under [VITO]'s clan.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Hello I'm back. 5 months after my last post. I don't know what took me so long to update my blog? Actually I had plan to delete this blog account but after 5 months without any post, my blog still visited at the average of 20-30 visitors per day. So I decide to continue my blog but maybe in a different way or maybe no way.

Do I need a new direction for my blog post? yea I think I will blogging about what ever i want means I have a wide direction for my post.