Monday, September 22, 2008

Basic Blogging

I had read a post from one of my favourite blog and the title is "Basic Blogging"

Yea i like it and I would like to share my summary from what i had read, in a simple way.

What to blog? Ask yourself what is the thing that you are really passionate to talk about, some maybe about money, computer, life or sports ect. If you have any, then blog about it and share your knowledge or experiance about it with the whole world. It would be great if your interest is unique.

You should blog when you have something to share with and when you have original content(if you have one) to blog about. But sometime you just want to contribute a post to your reader even when you have nothing in your mind, then all the rubish will served to your readers. Read other's blog to get some idea or information and combine it with your own opinion and experiance or knowledge, it must be great because the idea are grown.

Normally, a blogger wants some attention, respect, recognition and also response from their readers, thats could give a blogger some motivation to write a better blog.

A blog must be update frequently, one of my Guru told me that non-updated blog is a dead blog.

Response to your audience when they points any error found in your post/blog (fix it immediately), and appreciate their comments because they are really read your post and want you to be better.