Monday, September 15, 2008

Facebook - Battle Of Survival - Multiplayer Game

Are you a Facebook member and do you like multiplayer game? Well, this is my suggestion for you:- Battle Of Survival - Multiplayer Game. I have been enjoyed this game since a month ago. There is a Human Team and Cyborg Team, you can choose which team to join.

There is a few type of match you can choose such as Team Match, Capture the Flag, Battleground or deathmatch. I would prefer the Capture the Flag, you will fight in your team to capture opponent's flag and bring it to your base, each succeed flag reach your base will be award 3 killer point to that person. There is a a lot of weapon that you could use in the fight but every weapon required certain level of killer point.

FYI I'm in Cyborg Team under [VITO]'s clan.


Mark said...

Thanks for introduce me with this owesome game in facebook... like it very much..

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