Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Idea For Your Post

Idea is something that is really important for you to present to your blog to your readers, normally i found an idea from reading books or other's blog. Idea is very subjective because maybe today i have an idea to write about something for a few hundred or thousand words but maybe tomorrow my head have a zero idea, who knows.

The combination of the idea was great, if you found a good idea from others then you should take it and combine with your idea or a few other idea from anywhere, then the idea will be bigger. Some people will say that its not original and its a copycat, but can you imagine how wonderful the comeout after the combination from a multiple brain? That's what we called an innovative idea. The original idea normally needs a supplement idea to make it strong.

Another thing that you should do if you have nothing to post is by checking your comments because your reader may be have something for you to write about. Some of the commenter will ask a question about the topic, instead of just replying to the commenter why not you give the answer as your blog post and some explainantion about related topic would be nice.

To alter others idea is something that we shouldn't ashamed if you could make it better than the original idea, but if it just an original copycat than you should stop blogging because you have nothing to blog.