Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What is your biggest challenges while blogging?

A lot of new blogger though to design and setup a blog are the hardest part in blogging, but after a few months or maybe a few weeks of blogging they will realize the biggest challenges in blogging. Yes, "to write a new idea". I'm sure every blogger have the same problem while blogging.

How do you handle this? if you have a good tips lets share with me.

The most easy way to get a new idea is review other's blog or a new product with your own perspective and words. This is also a good idea to get a new traffics. How? Ok, first of all you need to pick a blog with a good traffics and then read the content at least 3 entry post, from there you could have some points of view and perspective about that blog. Next, write some review about it and post it. After that you must let the blog's author/owner know about your review and ask them to link it into their blog, they will surely link it if you have a good review about them.

What if you really has no new idea to blog about?

I will do some reading and surfing if my brain begin to dry up, this really help me to face and solve the problem. Take note of their idea and combine it with yours to make it a bigger and better idea from two diffrent brain, that is considered as innovation of an idea, but do not copycat of an idea because that is unethical blogging behavior.

If you have any tips to share please let me know.


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I'm thinking about my own blog for a long time. But it still seems too difficult for me. The blogging for me is a challenge itself))