Monday, February 11, 2008

Remove the win32.kittykat - From Symantec Technical Support

I’ve just received and email from Symantec Tech Support regarding the problem I’m facing now and they give some advise to resolve the issue.

In order to resolve this issue, they suggested to follow the steps given below:-

  • Disable System Restore (Windows Me/XP).
  • Update the virus definitions.
  • Restart the computer in Safe mode (Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP)
  • Run a full system scan and delete all the files detected as Downloader.
  • Clear Internet Explorer History and files, if needed.

They also suggested to run Intelligent Updater to download the latest virus definitions to ensure the system protection on my computer. Instructions on how to download and run Intelligent updater is given in the document linked below. In order to download and install Intelligent Updater, go and click the URL provided below and select the file ( XXXXXXXX-XXX-i32.exe(if version is 2007 or earlier) select XXXXXXXX-XXX-v5i32.exe (if 2008 version)) :-

In order to remove the win32.kitty kat, please click on the link given below:-

In order to remove the hellokitty, please click on the link given below:-

I will give a try for this tomorrow cause it is 3 O'clock in the morning right now.

I will let u all guys know the result in the next post after I try this out.

“Say Good Night to the bad guy!”

Any questions please write in to Symantec Technical Support


WoodPecker said...

Thanks for this post, I also have the same problem now.. i hope your post could help me to fix my problem.

Stef said...

my friend is having the same problem and he's not even using symantec antivirus... so is there any other way to overcome it?? Addmore, he can't even click on the Run menu since the virus blocks everything.. is there any ways for that??

Jeff Syiru said...

So far there is no antivirus could completely fix the problem from PC system, the only way is re-format the OS.
Actually the infected file could be remove easily with karperski antivirus but only the infected file will be remove and not the symptoms, to fix the problem you have to do manually from the Registry Editor from Safemode.
However, re-format is the best way to have a problem free from KittyKat.

Stef said...

so that means that the instructions given by the symantec aint working either is it?? So, i guess my friend has to go for the last

Anyway, thanks for the response.

Jeff Syiru said...

Yea, I've already tried the solution given, the virus could be remove but the symptom need to configure manually from the registry editor.

Maybe you can try to run System Restore.. restore the registry setting before your system infected by the virus..

my opinion, re-format is still the best solution.

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