Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Scarface Painting By Tracy Andrew

What do you think about the paint?
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Yesterday i had google for Scarface photo picture, the result shown plenty of Al Pacino photo from the movie. I was attracted to the above artwork that linked to http://www.tracyandrewsart.com

I had browse the website and found a lot of good artwork inside, the website owned by Mr. Tracy Andrew. Here is the artist bio that you can fine from his website.

Mr. Andrews currently resides in Hilton Head Island, SC. Believe it or not, Tracy is a self-taught artist in which his love for art begun at an early age with his greatest inspirations coming from his mother who inspired him to use his mind and imagination in the never-ending pursuit of perfection in his chosen field. Tracy developed an appreciation for the works of many artists, including the old masters like Picasso, Michelangelo, Dali, and many others. His primary medium is oil on canvas and his style is very versatile. Tracy’s art pieces vary from landscaping, spiritual, animals, abstract, and other more eclectic styles as well. You name it and he can paint it. He dedicates every other painting to God who continually guides him with encouragement and inspiration and for which he’s eternally grateful.

Some of his works are currently being exhibited throughout the Southeastern United States and beyond. He’s done many art shows nationwide including Texas, California, Las Vegas, New York, Atlanta, and Florida. Tracy also has taught at numerous art campuses around the US sharing his techniques and knowledge to aspiring art students. His prints are available worldwide and he has painted several originals for art collectors and professional buyers, also including football players, album covers, mayors, cheerleaders, doctors, and lawyers. Be expecting for him to become the next uprising artist for God always blesses him with greater ideas!

So anybody who looking for a good artwork are recommended to check this out!!



Anonymous said...

best scarface drawing i have ever seen

Anonymous said...

this picture is amazing i love it

Anonymous said...

Are there any photo's done by Mr.Andrews of Biggie Smalls or any other photo's of Al Pacino in Scarface.We already own the Scarface print listed but are intrested in purchasing different prints.Anyone out there with imfo or prints please email us at jr_catts310@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

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