Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How to Increase Your Traffic??

A Blog with good content without reader might frustrating you as a blogger. Content is No.1# factor getting good and quality traffic. (quality traffic = reader who really enjoy your posting, not only droped by and out) No matter how smart and hard you are trying to promote your blog, but without a good contents the your visitor are not going to be your readers.

From my experience and reading, the best way to get a good traffic was participating in any campaign that other blogger organize, by giving a comment to the campaign or review their campaign will help you to increase your traffic, the visitor who visit your blogsite after they read your comment or review from others blog was already attracted to your writing, that give you an advantage to get them stay tune with your blog and be your regular readers. Digg is perfect place to create your network by giving a comment to any popular topic. Be the first to leave a comment in a popular blog also will give a big impact to your traffic, maybe you can try to be the first giving a comment to JohnChow.Com or ProBlogger.Net or

Another method that I have been used to increase my traffic is, posting a feedback in any forum, but that's not all, you must put your URL or any thing that will link to your blog at your signature, each time you posting a feedback to any topic people will look at your signature and there are chances to get them in.

The first thing to join a forum in order to increase your traffic, by choosing a popular topic which mean that the topic got a good respond and have a good number of reply on it. But do not just spamming your post into the forum but give a good comment. (good comment - doesn't mean that you have to give only a compliment, a good critics is also a good comments but don't attack with abusive language) or a comment that maybe could attract other forum member will also give you a credit to your rank and blog.

Being friendly with other blogger also a nice way to get a traffic, give them a comment in their blog or any good advise will attract their reader to visit your blog too.

You also can start your good comment here.... what are your waiting for?